WELCOME! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll come again to see new pieces as my journey continues. And in case you’re wondering what a Soul Breeze is: 

   Have you ever been outside on a hot summer day and had a breeze come along that made you go “ Aaaaah, that feels so good”?  That is the feeling I hope people experience on the inside when they see my art. Whether the canvas is wood or shoes, an instrument or actual canvas, I want my art to: 

~ bring a smile to a downcast face

~ be a breath of fresh air                

~ restore hope when faith has taken a beating

~ usher in healing to hearts that are wounded

~ be a haven of rest for a weary soul

~ speak peace to the storm             

~ breathe life where it is needed

~shine light to dispel the darkness

~ reveal truth to combat the lies

~ be a loving kiss from heaven

        These are the hopes, prayers and goals of a Soul Breeze.